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-The Pan- -The Pan-

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Bad Move, Dude.

The previous soundtracks were beyond perfect. What the audience now listens to is totally off-topic. It sounds like emo killself music, when its supposed to be guitar rift I-beat-you-in-the-face. Just letting you know that I liked the previous sound selections.

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CS Personalities CS Personalities

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That is an accurate observation, so good it hurts.

Thats like... exactly how a bad server is. You should make a sequil and show the CTs traits. I'm sure its already been mentioned in previous reviews, but there are more presonalities, like the guy that takes the game too seriously (ie: me). And none of those guys were actually hackers, you left them out...
anyway, awesome sounds, sound track, consept, and I look forward to more.

S.W.A.T Operation S.W.A.T Operation

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


This was simply geometric shapes killing eachother in a Counter Strike fasion. This has been done before in Hostage Situation, only with rectangles. The pacing was way to slow for this movie, there was no plot, there was no point, there was one body, the pin was still in the granade when thrown, the whole...thing...just really wasn't ... <bluntly> worth watching </bluntly>

Jepette responds:

That was just to make my grenade more realistic!

The Hitman... The Hitman...

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Sorry, pal. That was just crap and a rip off.

You've played Hitman for a total of 10 minutes? So you obviously have played the game, and if you felt it was worth mentioning in your author description, then it must have affected you. I'll grant you that the primary similarities is that there's the Bald-ness and the Red Tie; but I think you know damn well that those are the two features you'd use to sum up 47 of the Hitman series.
If you weren't..."inspired" hitman, then it was definitly Counter-Strike. The FNP-90? The Seven-Nine? The Ingrams? The Sniper Rifle? Traced, no?
Also, your choice of music wasn't the greatest, and the weapons looked bigger than the people holding them, and as far as I can sniper rifles never said LOCKED in big red letters when I was aiming at someing. I'd assume thats reservered for things like ground-to-air missles...anyway, Crappy Job, work on it, and play Hitman for more than 10 minutes. Thanks.

BazzMann responds:

Yet again someone with no intelligance - let me break down your points simply and logically, one by one.

Firstly, I SAID I HAVE PLAYED HITMAN, YES!! BUT IF YOU READ THE CONTEXT I SAID IT IN, I SAID IT TO MAKE A STATEMENT OF HOW LITTLE I HAVE PLAYED IT! I felt it was worth mentioning in my author's comments, because EVERYONE felt it was worth mentioning it in their reviews. It was merely an update to educate.

Secondly, if you read the ending of the movie for a split second (unless you can't read), you'll see that I gave credit to Counterstrike in full for the drawings. What did you want me to do? Write "Property of Counterstrike" on the trigger? And anyway, if you read my author's comment SO well, which it is clear you did not, I admitted that I was influenced somewhat by Counterstrike

The primary similarities are the only "fishy" things here, and this is questionable of whether I'm lying through my teeth or not. I can only try to assure you that those similarities are a coincidence... in fact, the bald character in this movie at one point, was going to be killed off, and the fat guy in the hat was going to do the shooting... I made this movie very randomly.

Stop jerking off for more than 10 minutes and I'll play Hitman likewise...

Madness Apotheosis Madness Apotheosis

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I am having Nerdgasms...again

After having Madness Interactive replace Solitare, and after watching the other Madness cartoons when in an indifferent mood to make me more livly, THIS takes the freaking cake. The Style progressivly gets better and funnier and most of all, not repetative. Kudos to you, Krinkles.

Finger Puppet Matrix Finger Puppet Matrix

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Logic says that I shouldn't have laughed that hard

... logic is such a liar. That was by far the best matrix parody I've seen. It apeals on multiple levels while remaining overal funny. Seeing a movie that was praised for its special effects reduced to finger puppets blows my mind... especially when I see how funny it is. Best 7 minutes I've spent on the matrix in a long time.

Davedreams Davedreams

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Poor Dave...

That was a fablious display of what a day dream is like alongside awesome music. Your animation was great, the music was great... only once the whole thing was over, I felt kinda doomed. Day dreams always come to an end, just the way you molded this piece together made me so sad to see it go, then getting smacked in the face with the reality brick. Which... is my crazy little way of saying "great job".

Sundial responds:

i must say, i enjoyed your crazy little way of saying "great job." Don't worry, you're not doomed. thanx.

***THE FUZZ**** ***THE FUZZ****

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Shows promise

Nice, very nice. You see alot of the time when NG viewers hear a 13 year old's voice narrating some stupid crap, they cringe. However you recorded your voice clearly and presented things of the non-crappy nature, therefore I was pretty suprised to see something of this quality produced by someone your age. Keep it up.

12 Deaths 12 Deaths

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sticks= good&gt;bad if animator=smart

Dude, that was flat out genius. Not only were each of the deaths amusing and fun to watch, but they were highly inovative, I'm still getting over the rockage of Chain Reaction. Ten points, and keep up the good work.

Zelda: Mock-arina of Time Zelda: Mock-arina of Time

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Dude, I am so watching that again

Considering I played all the Zelda games, especially the Ocarania of Time... for 25 hours straight... I found this fantastically funny. kick ass job.