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Bad Move, Dude.

The previous soundtracks were beyond perfect. What the audience now listens to is totally off-topic. It sounds like emo killself music, when its supposed to be guitar rift I-beat-you-in-the-face. Just letting you know that I liked the previous sound selections.

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That is an accurate observation, so good it hurts.

Thats like... exactly how a bad server is. You should make a sequil and show the CTs traits. I'm sure its already been mentioned in previous reviews, but there are more presonalities, like the guy that takes the game too seriously (ie: me). And none of those guys were actually hackers, you left them out...
anyway, awesome sounds, sound track, consept, and I look forward to more.


This was simply geometric shapes killing eachother in a Counter Strike fasion. This has been done before in Hostage Situation, only with rectangles. The pacing was way to slow for this movie, there was no plot, there was no point, there was one body, the pin was still in the granade when thrown, the whole...thing...just really wasn't ... <bluntly> worth watching </bluntly>

Jepette responds:

That was just to make my grenade more realistic!

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If I could, my overall would be &quot;?&quot;

There's no real plot, no goal, no... anything, except seeing animals with human features fuck... I don't know what to say... the animation was good... and smooth... okay... I'm going to go wash my eyes out with that emergency stuff.

God, YES!

Its about time someone made one of these. I don't know how you got these sounds of just the isolated voices in highquality, but man... thanks. (incase you can't tell, I'm obsessed with Silent Hill)

Burnsyman responds:

Hehe noprob. Im glad you enjoyed it. Silent Hill rules!

This has become my new passtime.

Despite what some say about the controls sucking and that the concept is lame, I believe that this is the best flash-game to date on the internet. You can throw the knives, the axes, the empty (or near empty) weapons at peoples' heads, the sound is the closest thing to perfection, the controls are fine once you get used to them, and above all: You can do just about anything you see in the Madness movies=TOTALLY INTERACTIVE.
You also threw in some awsome extras like the zombie and knive trowing challenges. The Character Costumes were a very nice touch too. Thankyou for making the ULTAMENT SOLITARE ALTERNATIVE!!! YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good on loop

The loop transition is so good I hardly notice it. There's some movie that I think of while listening to this, though it totally escapes me at the moment... maybe it was ChronoTrigger... eh, head hurts...

Its all about the bells

I think the summary says it all... okay, to elaborate it sounds like a gothic little chuch choir...thingie... and sounds a bit like a music box.

not your best but

makes a nasty noise for switching inbetween scenes of a film.

lar-jarse responds:

Really? Wow.. I dont think so. Its useless. Please vote ZER0.

The command "Rest" does not compute. I've got the will to drive myself sleepless.

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